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Coin cleaning bath 150 ml (Bi-metal (2 Euro), Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass)

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Cleaning baths with high-quality substances for instant and gentle removal of oxidation on coins.  How it works: Submerge coins for some minutes into the bath (the duration depends on the used cleaning bath and the level of oxidation; for more details, please read the instructions of the specific product), afterwards rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry with a soft cloth (do not rub!). With child-safe lid. LIGHTHOUSE coin cleaning baths are suitable for:

•  Gold coins (ref. no. 336 203)

•  Silver coins (ref. no. 317 893)

•  Copper coins (not for cupronickel coins!) (ref. no. 321 584) 

•  Brass and bronze coins (ref. no. 343 300)

•  Bi-metal coins (1 euro, 2 euros) & cupronickel coins (e.g. 1 DM) (ref. no. 343 206)  

•  Extra mild coin cleaning fluid for all (other) coins / precious metals (without deoxidation) (ref. no. 318 851)

Contents 7 Fl oz (150 ml).

General Specification
Suitable for Euro coins

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